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Title: How to get to Hualien by Rail

  • Author: Joycelyn
  • Date: 2011-03-30 12:13:05
  • Popularity: 4956

From the international airport, what is the fastest way to get to hualien? My friend and I will arrive in the morning and hope to reach hualien before 12pm. Which is the nearest railway stop that we have to go? I checked out the taiway railway website, but I'm exactly sure which station we should choose.

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  • Author: Mrs Woodpecker
  • Date: 2011-03-30 21:08:00

Dear Jocelyn,

   To get to Hualien by public transportation, you should take a bus from the airport arrival hall to Taipei main train station, from where you get a fast train to Hualien. Don't go to Taoyuan City train station and try to get a train there, there are less trains going to the east coast. If they do go to the east, they stop at Taipei anyway. From Taipei to Hualien, it only takes about 3 hours by train. You will definately get there before midnight.

   Hope you find this helpful. Enjoy your stay in Taiwan:)

Yours truly,

Mrs Woodpecker

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  • Author: Mrs Kim Ang
  • Date: 2011-10-10 11:17:21

Dear Mrs Woodpecker

My husband & I will be in Hsinchu for a wedding lunch on Sat 29 Oct 2011. We will be in Taiwan until
2 Nov when we fly home.

Could you please advise best way to travel :

1. from Hsinchu to Hualian either on Sat 29 late afternoon or Sun 30 Oct.
2. We wish to tour Hualian & Toroko National Park on 30 (Sun) & 31 (Mon)
3. We have to return to Taipei on 1 Nov (overnight there) so we can return home on 2 Nov flight from Taipei.

Thank you.

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  • Author: ET
  • Date: 2011-10-18 11:35:18

I was told that Taipei Main Stn has many trains gg to Hualien. However, most trains start from Shulin. What is the diff between Shulin and Taipei? I find it confusing searching for trains from Taipei Main Stn to Hualien as most of it starts fr Shulin.   Must I go Shulin in order to get the timing I want?   Thanks.

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